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While getting ready for a book club in-home party, we asked each one of the members to bring two pieces of clothing they currently own: a top (a blouse, cardigan, jacket, vest, tee) and a bottom: (a pant, jean, short, skirt.) The group wanted us to focus on making the old looks fresh, which made us want to motivate you to think of your own pieces at home that may need a little update!

Dilemma: Flowing tops that make you feel pregnant (again)

Style solution: Belt these looks to highlight your waist. If a belt isn't your style, add a fitted cardigan to show your silhouette.

Dilemma: You bought the scarf everyone told you to. Now, how to add the scarf to your look, without feeling like you lost your neck (or like you're heading into the frozen tundra)?

Style solution: Choose a lightweight scarf that's a knit instead of dense, heavy wool.

The scarf should be styled loosely at the neck to add sophistication, not heat.

Dilemma: Making the basic white oxford that you had for 10 years feel chic.

Style solution: Add a necklace. Roll up your sleeves. Show details. Styling is half the fun in making the old standby look fresh again.

Dilemma: Not enough cash in the budget to do an over-haul on YOU!

Style solution: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! By adding a few simple gold bangles or a bold necklace, you can instantly update your look! Make a cotton tee look dinner chic. A woman should always have great jewelry, a fabulous handbag and outfit- completing shoes.

Dilemma: Finding bottoms that maximize your legs (and minimize the derriere).

Style solution: Elongate shorter legs with slim, crop pants, such as capris, which end right below the knee. Cuffs and pleated-front pants are a no-no, because they shorten the legs.

Women with larger thighs should try wide-leg or straight-leg pants. Bootleg is also nice.

And, as always, beware of pockets when focusing on minimizing the booty! Pockets are made to ENHANCE the look! (Which can also enhance the things you don't want enchanced )

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