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God is dead. While Nietzsche may not have meant that literally, Demigod certainly does.

In fact, the death of a god sparks the whole backstory of the game, which encourages players to fight it out for promotion up the ladder of godhood to take a place in the pantheon that spawned them. Sound like a complex concept? Well that's about all you get for story before Demigod throws you head-first into the arena.

Demigod is the latest title by developer Gas Powered Games, known for both strategy and role-playing titles. This latest outing is a bit of both, with some action elements thrown in too.

Playing Demigod is fairly simple - your task is to pummel all the other demigods into submission to win your ascension. To do that, you defeat opponents and their minion forces in wave after wave of combat while trying to take control points or flags on the game's simple, arena-style maps.

You control a single unit - your godling - and as you beat enemies, you gain experience that can be used to unlock new skills and powers for your avatar.

The game is fairly straightforward, but learning how to play can be brutal, especially for players unfamiliar with similar games. That's because the developers, with a hint of smugness, basically send you into combat unprepared. There's no introductory scenario, there are no long, illustrative passages of text in the manual. You basically have to fire the game up and wade, uninformed, into the fray.

Demigod is a multiplayer game at heart. While there is a single-player mode, it's merely the online multiplayer mode with computer-controlled opponents. The only reason to stay in single-player is to test out each of the game's eight colorful characters to find the one that best suits your style of play.

Playing Demigod is an addictive experience, and most games can be played in as little as an hour. The addition of a tournament mode and ranked-player matches means that the competition online is pretty fierce.

Don't allow yourself to get discouraged at the start of the game - you will die and you will lose a lot at first. Getting the knack of the game requires not just personal prowess, but good team play.

This is a game that rewards players for coming together against their opponents, and if you can get that team action to gel properly, Demigod can become an extremely rewarding online gameplay experience.

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System: Windows PC

Price: $50

Players: 1 (Up to 8 online)

Rated: T for Teen

Who Should Buy it?: God-like skirmishers

GameOn! Grade: B-