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Columbus Parent

Q: I've had a lot of success losing weight with a low-carb diet. My daughter is really struggling with her own weight issues. Is it okay to put her on the diet that I'm on?

-- Susan

A: It's great that you've made a commitment to lose weight and had success with a plan that works for you. But it's not a good idea to put kids on diets that are designed for adults. Kids have different nutritional requirements. As they grow, they need certain nutrients and vitamins to develop well and undergo the changes associated with puberty.

If you're concerned about your daughter's weight, talk with your pediatrician, who can determine if she has a weight problem and tailor a plan to meet her specific needs.

And try to make a healthy lifestyle a family affair. Eat family meals together and find activities that all of you can enjoy, from bike rides, to hikes, to pre-meal games of capture the flag. When parents approach healthy food and exercise as the norm in their household, kids adopt that vision of normal too!