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Recently a woman I know re-entered the work force after 13 years of being a stay-at-home mom. She's excited, nervous, and ready for the change. I am so very proud of her for going outside of her comfort zone. But after the jumps for joy and congratulations, all I could think was, "What will she wear?"

Ladies, after many years out of a work setting I am assuming the wardrobe leans toward casual and not office chic. So in honor of my newly working mama friend (and to help out), here is a list of work place fashion no's and yeahs.

Work place no no no

Do not wear anything you "used" to wear to work, especially if you have been out of the work force for a couple of years. Odds are those things aren't in style anymore.

Do not wear anything with an elastic waistband. Just. No.

Do not wear anything that looks like a smock. Three holes cut into an oversized floral piece of material does not a shirt make.

Do not wear sneakers. Unless your office is super laid back or it's casual Friday or you're going into nursing, sneakers will get you some strange looks.

Work place yeah yeah yeah

Buy a pair of nice black pants. The Worthington brand at JCPenny is amazing! They are washable, fashionable and affordable. They are usually on sale for $24.99.

Buy a few white dress shirts. Long sleeve, short sleeve, and three-quarter-length sleeves paired with a colored tee underneath and black pants equals three days of cute outfits. Again JCPenny Worthington brand is the way to go. They have dress shirts in a rainbow of colors and sleeve lengths.

Buy flowery print skirts. They're comfortable, light and easily paired with a solid color shirt to hide any extra padding you may have around the middle. Kohl's has great sales on all of their clothes right now; up to 50 percent on some skirts.

Buy new shoes. This might be where you incur some expense, but shop the sale racks and Payless to find comfortable chic shoes. Ballerina flats and wide high heels are your friends. After years of sandals and sneakers, your feet will hate you if you slip into sky-high heels. Black, brown and red are the colors to start with.

You can do this, Ms. Fashionable Back-to-Work Mama!