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Just don't stick your head in there

Do a quick wipe inside the oven while doing the dishes (you've got the soapy water already), cleaning up any spills and splatters. Your oven won't need as many deep cleaning jobs and will never be nasty-pants again.

Like a good witch would

After sweeping up all your messes, your broom gets gross. Wash out the bristles and get a better clean in your home.

Wonder bread

Soft chunks of bread, rubbed over wallpaper in even, vertical strokes, "erase" the soiled spotseven very visible finger marks.

Acne schmacne

Did you wake up with a whopper on your nose? Your chin? Your forehead? No, it's not fair to have age AND acne. So what to do if you don't have a potent zit cream, or, God forbid, you sprout a doozy at work? Dab hand sanitizer on the affected area and that blemish will be banned in a jiffy usually in just a couple of hours!