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I'm all a-fawna for this Hana -- Plus, get $10 off!

Don't think I'm selling out, people.

Just because I get free stuff to review, take it home and use every bit of it, then write a review doesn't make me a sellout. Um, wait. That didn't come out right.

Yeah, there are days where my job is the coolest thing ever. Like having some kid say, "My mom reads your blog!" Or getting super-cool Dead Sea bath salts from the ACTUAL DEAD SEA.

My favorite product person is Lisa from LA (aka LA Lisa) and of course, she sends me the neatest, most cutting-edge stuff. Last week I got a flatiron from Hana Styling Products! Yay! And along with it came a bottle of Hana Shine Shield. Yay again! And this is stuff celebs use! Come on -- yay!

Now let me mention that my house has been dealing with all kinds of hair issues. From a teenager that borrows my flatiron (shhh, don't tell him I told you), to my own tends-to-be-frizzy-in-spring hair. I tend to look like Rosanne Rosanna Danna stuck in a windstorm. Backward. And my current flatiron hasn't been cuttin' it. Or flattenin' it, as it were.

And I told this sob story to LA Lisa who post haste (I love saying that -- people should say that more) so I could review the Hana line. Now I'm hooked. The iron flattens in seconds, instead of my Chi iron (and it wasn't cheap) which tends to take repeated swipes to get the same look.

But before I ironed I used the Hana ShineShield. Now, my hair needs motor oil to make it soft and shiny, but I only needed a dime-sized amount of this slick serum to get my hair as smooth as silk. This stuff rocks! Honestly.

Here's where you can find Hana products locally:

Changes Salon

2054 Polaris Parkway

Columbus, OH 43240

(614) 846-6666

I called and spoke with Curt, the owner, who said he carries the Hana line for the lowest prices around (which is true, I checked). And it's not cheap stuff (the irons can go as high as $280 retail, but Curt's gonna hook you up with a mini iron for only $49!) I bet in the long run it's less expensive to buy Hana than to get several cheaper items that you keep replacing because they don't work.

Plus, Curt said if you print this review out and bring it in, he'll give you $10 off! Now that's a smooth deal.