Cool clix

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Columbus Parent

Now, first, just log on. I mean that's enough fun right there, the snaky font, the retro color scheme, the edgy design. Now click on Store. Ooohhh! Isn't it fun the way the text moves around? So maybe I'm easily amused.

But Charmingwall has THE coolest original prints for only $20. You can't even get a dinner these days for that amount. If you want your print matted, add another $20. Still a great deal. And framing is only $40. I challenge you to find an original print -- matted and framed for $80.

You can choose a print either by artist, or just by browsing around. Right now I'm loving Bailey Saliwanchik's ethereal, whimsical pieces. (Check out Blondie and Untitled -- cool for any dame's room.)

Hey ladies, Prints Charming has arrived!