Heavy Petting: Summer Pet Products

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Pet Top Combo Pack

Two small plastic pieces fit together to adapt a regular water bottle into something your dog can easily drink from. You can adjust the flow by turning the cap, and it automatically stops flowing when your pet stops drinking. The pieces are small enough for your pocket and fit most standard water bottles.


Available: $9 Mutts & Co., Dublin

Cool Lap Collapsible Bowl

This on-the-go water bowl comes with its own cooling pack and carrying pouch. The foldable bowl has a two-quart capacity, and it can be used for water or food.


Available: $12 (an extra cooling pack is $2), Moochie & Co., Easton and Tuttle malls

Water Rover

This leak-free, wide-mouthed plastic water bottle comes with an attached water dish. So when your dog needs hydration, just tip the water out into the attached bowl. The Rover conveniently clips to your belt or waistband.


Available: $15, Mutts & Co., Dublin

Performance Boots

If you and your dog do any hiking, running, walking, boating or agility training during the hot summer days, your canine companion might appreciate some footwear. And I can't think of a better-tested product than the booties worn by Murphy and Hudson, the two Great Pyrenees who are walking 2,000 miles with their owner Luke Robinson.

They wear these water-resistant rubber boots while they're trekking across the country and over various terrains. If you like the boots, they also carry matching neoprene jackets in all the same colors.

Web:, $18-$20

Approach Pack

When you and your pooch hit the trail, have him carry his own water and necessities. This pack is good for one-hour to three-day hikes, and will adjust to your dog's shape and size. Now he can comfortably carry his water, food and anything else you need. And don't worry about fit - the pack is padded and the comfort-fit Web Master Harness frame ensures the load is stable and well-dispersed.

Web:, $75

Backseat Barrier

Every dog needs protection in a car - and sometimes so does the driver. This contraption keeps your dog safely in the backseat, preventing him from lunging forward during quick stops or roaming into the driver's seat. You can also use it to create a barrier to separate dogs from little ones in car seats.


Available: $52.50-$65, PetSmart

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