Alive & Unedited: Amanda Ellis

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Columbus Alive

Long before she made things official with Bakery Gingham, Amanda Ellis fell in love with baking as a child, creating treats in a country kitchen with her mom. She celebrates six months in her very own German Village sweet spot next week.


I grew up on a farm in Northwest Ohio. It's my great-grandparents' farm. The closest neighbor was maybe a half-mile down the road, and they didn't even have kids. We entertained ourselves, so I baked a lot with my mom.

My town used to be the radish capital of the world. I won a radish-eating contest when I was little. They had me on the local news in Toledo. It was probably like 30 radishes, but for an eight-year-old kid, that was a lot. [Laughs.]

After college, I moved to Denver for a few years. It was tough to be that far from family, so I moved to Columbus. I've been here seven years this October. It's definitely grown on me. It was a life adjustment to move here.

My favorite thing about Columbus is the diversity. I like that there's a lot to do if you know how to utilize it. Every weekend there's something going on. I like the neighborhoods, too.

Baking has always been a part of me. Believe it or not, it's more or less stress relief. I'd come home from work and bake. I would take it to work the next day to get rid of it.

I like seeing a result at the end of a project. When I was behind a desk, I knew I was always working towards something, but maybe I never saw what it was. [With baking], it's, "Here's your cake."

I apprenticed under a cake designer here in the city. I started out of my house for like four months, developed flavors, had the neighbors try out new ones. They probably hated me and loved me at the same time, because there was always something showing up on their doorstep.

Baking is an ongoing battle. It's more of a social science, I guess, getting into people's heads about what they want. The flavors I came up with had a lot to do with nostalgia. It was all flavors that remind me of growing up.

When I get spare time, I like to go to the movies. I ride my bike 32 miles four times a week, up the bike path to Worthington Hills. I also have two bulldogs. Truman is three, and Ramona is two.

Three things I can't live without are chewing gum, high heels and my bicycle.

One of my goals is to someday pay back my parents for all the stuff they've done for me. I'd like to buy my mom a Volkswagen Beetle - not the new ones, the old ones. I'm driven, but it's not like I want to take over the world. I just want to do what I do and do it well.

Three Treats

Bakery Gingham's cupcake offerings rotate weekly. Here are three delicious ones being served up until Sunday.

Buckeye Nation: Chocolate cake with peanut buttercream icing and a homemade buckeye inside

Lemony Snicket: Lemon cake with raspberry reduction and vanilla buttercream icing

Coconut Cake: Coconut-infused cake with buttercream icing