Blogger: Yohannan Terrell

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The whiteboard in Yohannan Terrell's office is a mess, every square inch of it filled with marketing phrases and underlines, phone numbers and exclamation points. He crams it every week. When it's full, he takes what he needs, wipes it clean and starts anew.

A clean slate always falls victim to ambition, and Terrell is a man with big ideas.

Many of them are funneled to Image Inq., the boutique marketing firm he started in 2001 while at Ohio State. Since the early days of handing out fliers for weekend shows, the company has blossomed into a full-scale operation that offers a range of multimedia production services focused on urban initiatives and guerilla marketing.

"I had to have an outlet for my creative side," said Terrell, who came to Columbus in 1995 as an OSU football recruit. "I've done everything from big hip-hop concerts to an election event that was at Club Ice. BET actually broadcast live from our event."

Terrell and his staff just set up brand-new headquarters Downtown on Long Street - ground zero for a growing media empire that also includes The Flypaper, a blog and online magazine covering music, fashion, politics and sports.

"We started it because of things that weren't being covered in the media and things that we just thought were cool," he said. "It was a side project and now, just over a year later, it has 25,000 subscribers."

In addition to recently revamping the look of The Flypaper, Terrell will launch in August. The comprehensive web portal will combine breaking news, a city guide, classifieds and other features geared toward Terrell's community spirit.

"In 2007, we were at Cup O' Joe every week. We didn't have an office," he said with a laugh. "When you see that people like what you're doing and appreciate it, it's a blessing. That's actually what keeps us going."