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Columbus Parent

It's basically a landing spot for all things health-related and anyone can submit photos, articles, or videos any "visions of healthy goodness" they say. On one of their pages they ask for inspiring photos or video links of the things you do for your health, such as:

  • Do you run? Swim? Bike? Climb mountains?
  • Do you drink delicious green smoothies every morning or make a mean bean soup?
  • Are you raising healthy kids who love to eat their vegetables?
  • Did you have a wedding cake made entirely of fruit?
  • Do you grow your own veggies or visit farmers markets?

So, you may be wondering, "Do I have to be thin to submit a photo?" To which they would reply, "No, of course not! Anyone can submit images of things that make them feel fit and healthy -- that's what it's all about! And if you're on the journey to releasing excess weight and gaining greater health, we especially want to hear from you. Submit pictures of the things that are helping you along the way, and inspire others who are on the same journey!"

A little syrupy, um, low-cal sweetener-y? Yeah. But if it gets you in your skinny jeans, well worth it.