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The MamaSan website is sprinkled with little pearls of wisdom like, "Dress like you are going to be a mom, not like you are your mom." In fact, their mantra on the homepage simply says, "Rockin' clothing maternity style." I love this website. The company was founded by an expectant mom who unsuccessfully searched to the ends of the earth for something cool to wear, while struggling to preserve her edgy style.

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to stop looking cool. The company's clothes have an edgy style, but are crafted with the extra comfort for a new mom's growing bump. MamaSan's designs allow soon-to-be-moms to look sexy and rocker-chic throughout their pregnancy. The other cool thing about these designs is they can be worn after the baby. Okay, so the skirts might not be after-pregnancy attire, but the dresses and shirts are made with cute empire waistlines that can totally be worn after baby. Not convinced? I recently wore a dress from Mamasan out for a night on the town, and received tons of compliments and I am SO not pregnant.

Click here to check out the MamaSan style and be one hot mama!