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And Diptyque (dip-teek) was (and is) always part of what's hot. I remember reading in People Magazine that the company's line of candles is a favorite of Elton John. I have no idea why I remember that, considering I have no idea what I ate for breakfast this morning.

So earlier this summer when I was on the hunt for a light fragrance, I sent a note to my go-to glam gal, L.A. Lisa. She hooked me up with the uber-nice PR folks for Diptyque who sent me some samples. I heart them. There's even something about their black and white, toile-like labels that give me a little flutter.

Take a look below to see which one fits your personality and fragrance mojo. All are heavenly. A bit pricey? Perhaps. But like finding the perfect colorist, well worth it.

Diptyque is sold at Jacob Neal Salon on S. 4th St. in Columbus, (614) 233-8500, and (they offer the entire Diptyque collection and have a beautiful website).

L'eau de Tarocco

A fruity Eau de Cologne that is sweet yet vibrant and spicy. It carries the exhilarating scent of the Mediterranean in winter and the freshness of fruit just plucked from the tree, plump and ripe. Wweet Italian Tarocco orange, Florida orange, grapefruit saffron and ginger extract blend delicately with cinnamon, curcuma extract, Bulgarian rose, orange blossom, cedar wood, Somali frankincense and white musk.

L'eau de L'eau

Evokes all the transparency of L'Eau, the first scented water from Diptyque, created by Desmond Knox-Leet in 1968. Cinnamon, geranium, sandalwood, rose, and cloves combine to add a spicy freshness that stirs the senses.

L'eau de Neroli

An ode to the sun, the dolce vita of summer with siestas in the shade of a southern Italian orchard. A sensual fragrance with the opulent imprint of citrus zests and flowers.

L'eau de Hesperides

A playful, zesty cologne with a green, contrasting freshness, that's also subtly provocative. The frisson of a forbidden garden.