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A recent article on dolls in America found that those made to represent other ethnicities are simply darker versions of their Caucasian counterparts.

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Does it bother you that Harry Potter movies include where the characters are drinking alcohol?

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Where does it say that the drinks were absolutely alcoholic? There are several non-alcohol varieties of wine type drinks. Also, the one scene that a student was given a wine type drink, it was being given to counter-act an extreme mood-altering spell. Small amount of alcohol versus a person's mind being gone? Where are the priorities there?! If America took that same approach to mild alcoholic drinks, most kids wouldn't be so quick to starting drinking alcohol at such an early age just to find out what the big deal is.


No, it's a movie about students in England, who can drink at a younger age than Americans. The big taboo around drinking that Americans have created is probably why so many college students binge drink.


I'm a big HP fan (read all of the books and have seen all the movies), and I never even noticed the two scenes that the Times article mentioned. So, I doubt that my boys will catch them either. If they did and mentioned it, I could use it as a teaching opportunity. I always assumed their "butterbeer" is like our rootbeer. Not a big deal to me.


Just because fictional characters in books drink, does not make others want to. Besides, back in the old days teens drank and got married and started families. Kinda funny how things change! Anyway, there would be many books to be removed if they had to follow today's ideas of what is right.


No -- in fact, I hardly even noticed. It's better for children to see adults drinking occasionally and responsibly, rather than treating it like forbidden fruit, which will make them want it even more.