Alive & Unedited: Illustrator Sean Forney

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Columbus Alive

Almost by the day, the Columbus comic-book scene grows stronger. One artist putting Cap City on the map is Sean Forney, who has worked on a range of titles and appears regularly on the convention circuit. From his home studio, he shared his thoughts on sketches, superheroes and other cool stuff.


As an illustrator, I work on pretty much everything, including comic books. I just got a gig doing illustrations for a brochure explaining the HPV vaccine. In the past I've done stuff for a book on criminal law - and everything in between.

I got my first comic book in first or second grade. We were probably going on a road trip, or I was going to work with my dad. I got hooked on it. I was drawing, according to my mother, at the age of two.

A lot of the work that I get is as a colorist. Every little kid out there who colors in a coloring book says, "I wish I could do this for my job." That's actually what I get to do. I get to bounce around between all the different aspects of the creative process of doing a comic book.

The best advice I've gotten recently is that every day is a school day. You learn something new every day.

Scarlet Huntress is the book my wife and I created. Scarlet is basically a grown-up descendent of Little Red Riding Hood. So instead of wolves coming and attacking grandma, she is a werewolf huntress. It's based in the Columbus area.

For the first story I did, I was trying to think of a background idea. It was shortly after I'd been to see a Blue Jackets game for the first time. I have this big establishing shot of Nationwide Arena. These werewolves come and attack a couple guys leaving a hockey game.

My wife and I met in art class. She wasn't a big comic fan when we first met. She grew up loving the Disney animated movies. We started dating. We started going to comic-book conventions. She found it fun.

We want to get Scarlet optioned as a movie. A buddy and I, we each do our own books, so we've got the goal of next year going out to San Diego Comic Con, which is the convention where all the Hollywood-type folks are at. It's a lofty, crazy dream, but we figured, "What the heck! Let's give it a shot."

At times, conventions are as nerdy as people think. I guess, being on the other side of the table, I've got a little bit different look on it. I view it more as my chance to network, go out and meet folks that are in the industry. We have a blast doing those things.

In spare time, I play guitar. One of my hobbies is getting to travel around. I like going camping and all the stuff that goes with it - fishing, swimming, whatever comes up.

Three things I can't live without are family, caffeine and music.

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