Gadget Spot: Human Touch Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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Columbus Alive

Passions can be all-consuming. Dairy Queen is just one of my obsessions, especially their Watermelon Arctic Rush, any flavor Blizzard and the BBQ Beef Sandwich.

This passion runs so deep, and has been part of my life so long, I've made numerous bids on eBay for DQ memorabilia. My collection currently includes a neon wall clock featuring the trademark DQ Cone in the center, a Dairy Queen store manager's necktie, and my latest conquest - a vintage (meaning it says "Dairy Queen," not just "DQ") commercial sign like you'd see outside any of their stores.

A couple weeks ago, I traveled to Indianapolis to claim my latest prize. In transporting it and moving it into my house, I did something to my back and it's been aching ever since.

Fast-forward to the Best of Fall Home Show (produced by the Dispatch) this past weekend. The show was a chance to purchase a bottle of Just Stains & Odors ($10), which I religiously use when Chip the Gadget Dog commits an indoor bathroom error or has the occasional upset tummy.

Considering my ouch-ey back, it's understandable that I quickly found myself at the Mattress Firm booth trying out their Human Touch massage chairs. It was a total surprise when I bought the Human Touch HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair (retail price $4,000 at Mattress Firm) after just one sitting.

Human Touch has other massage chairs prices as low as $500. The HT-7450 is their top-of-the-line model. It's upholstered in leather and implies comfort before you ever set your butt on it.

The manufacturer claims the chair is the world's first to "incorporate the latest advances in both massage and back-care technology to counteract back and muscle pain." This product places users in a zero-gravity position - putting the spine in a stress-free posture and elevating the legs above the heart.

The chair starts its work with its "Acupoint Detection System," scanning your back to create a map of key pressure points based on ancient Chinese acupressure. Then it delivers an absolutely ahhhh-mazing and rejuvenating massage.

Included are eight automatic 15-minute massage programs, or you can experiment with your own. Close your eyes and you'd swear a masseuse's hands were applying the rolling, percussion, kneading and compression motions this chair is capable of delivering. The chair's seat has an air massage, which is worth the price of admission alone.

Ahh, the Magic Touch HT-7450 and Dairy Queen. Two of the true loves - passions, really - in my life.

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