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I'm not sure if this happens to me only, or if other people experience this too, but why oh why when I am talking about my kid to someone who doesn't have any kids, they compare having a pet (usually a dog) to having a child?

They sit there and try to explain and rationalize how similar it is to take care of their dog to me taking care of my child.

This is what I wish I could say to them: Um, no, it's not the same at all. You have a dog and I have a human being, not the same. Just with that fact alone this conversation should be over, but I will continue to make my point.

I am trying not to raise a serial killer, all you have to do is make sure your dog doesn't bite someone (I am aware that dog bites can be severe so I'm not playing that down, but I hope you get the point). And please do not compare having to wake up once in the middle of the night to let your puppy out to pee, to that of a newborn baby waking up and crying all night long, hour after hour to suck on your breasts or suck on a bottle. NOT THE SAME!

While I completely understand the complexities of owning and taking care of a pet, you obviously have no comprehension whatsoever of the enormous responsibilities parents have not only to their child, but to society as well.

Now, go teach your dog how to roll over or something, while I teach my son how to be a decent, compassionate human being who contributes to society for the greater good.

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