Random raves

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

If your house is anything like ours, you have a furry little friend living among the family.

In my experience, all furry friends want to be near you, love you and sit on the couch. We tried to wean our Dalmatian, Maddie, off her couch habit. We gave her a fluffy dog bed complete with blanket and stuffed animals. We gave her a grand pillow with the perfect sleeping spot carved out in the fluff. However, she still prefers the couch above all else, and all her shedding it made it impossible to sit there and not be covered in dog hair.

Short of booby-trapping the couch with heavy books and large ugly blankets, there wasn't much we could do to make her go couchless. Now, thanks to the new pet couch cover from Sure Fit, we don't have to worry.

Sure Fit's new quilted pet couch cover is ideal for in-home or in-transit furniture or car seat protection. Now I don't have to spend the weekend sweeping dog hair off the couch before company arrives. I just lift the cover off and reveal the dog-hair-free couch.

The soft fabric ensures ultimate comfort for Maddie, made from quilted soft suede and is machine washable, as all Sure Fit slipcovers are. The quilted soft suede pet cover is available for couches, chairs and loveseats in chocolate and taupe and is sure to become a must-have for pet lovers and a must-love for pets.

At budget friendly prices of only $29.99 for love seat covers and $49.99 for sofa sizes, you can protect your furniture from the wear and tear of furry friends without breaking the bank.