The Bar Snob: How to order a martini

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

As any bar snob will grumble, the word martini is pretty much meaningless in modern bars. Most places use it to refer to any silly fruity concoction poured into a martini glass.

A real-deal martini is nothing but gin, vermouth and an olive. A vodka martini is an acceptable substitute. Here's a basic martini vocabulary guide.

Up: chilled in a cocktail shaker, strained into a martini glass

Dry: made with more gin, less vermouth

Dirty: mixed with olive brine

Sweet: made with sweet vermouth

With a Twist: garnished with lemon zest

In-and-Out: vermouth is swirled in the glass, then poured out before adding the gin

Gibson: garnished with a cocktail onion

Buckeye: garnished with a black olive instead of green (who knew?)