The Bar Snob: Proper beer temperature

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Although most Americans prefer their suds as frigid as possible, beer aficionados argue that more sophisticated palates demand warmer temperatures. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal preference, said Collin Castore, owner of Short North brew hub Bodega.

"A lot of people like a super-cold beer because it goes down easy," Castore said. On the other hand, "The colder it is, the less flavors you fully taste."

Aspiring beer snobs will want to keep these guidelines in mind.

(60-55 degrees Fahrenheit)

Room temperature can mean a lot of things, but places it in the high fifties. Strong beers like barley wines, tripels and dark ales belong here.


Cellar temperature is also variable depending, but it usually refers to the low fifties. This range is good for IPAs, dobbelbocks, lambics and stouts.


Refrigerated temperature means the forties, usually the high forties. This works for fancier branches of the lager, pilsner and wheat families.


Ice cold is the temp for refreshment when it comes to everyday domestics. Chill them to your heart's content, but remember no beer elitist would be caught swilling this stuff.