Polly sigh

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

I talked to six people in the past three hours who spewed negative comments in the same breath as politics. Once again, it reminds me just how much we need a positive voice to drown out those downers. Now I like to think of myself as a woman who is bound and determined to keep a positive outlook, but even I found myself feeling slightly exhausted from these depressing rants. So I started to imagine how most of this country feels about politics, when they're not only hearing similar negativity, but they don't enjoy politics like the geek I admit to be. Clearly we're not fostering their interests with this approach.

So for those of you who enjoy looking at electoral maps during Presidential elections trying to calculate all the winning combinations for your candidate, I ask you where is your positive output? Your political conversations may be anywhere: at the dinner table with friends and family, in the volunteer work that you do, or perhaps even in your Facebook status update. Do you make a habit of referencing all politics as "bad politics"? What was the last positive statement you made about anything related to politics? Can't remember?

Collectively, we can take steps towards eliminating the "I hate " or "I'm sick of " or "These politicians " barrage of negativity. It's time to leverage your political interest and become a positive influence on those who don't even know what an electoral map is. Take your expansive knowledge and educate those around you with a positive approach. Invite a friend to volunteer one hour stuffing envelopes for the cause or candidate of your choice. Spark her interest by keeping your excitement level high when she finally agrees. Make the overall experience and message you are sending enjoyable and educational. I know you can do it, so I issue you, self proclaimed political geeks, this challenge: keep talking but stop complaining.