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Perusing around a bit on the website (, I found that the bigwigs over at EA put together a pretty interesting concept. Here's the gist: Four console games are releasing in the Charm Girls Club series (which I will discuss below). While playing the games on your DS or Wii you unlock special codes through completing tasks in the games. On the website you create an account where you can enter in the codes you've unlocked to get online charms for a virtual collection. Online you can play mini-games, chat with friends and design your own clothing line; you also have the option to set up an avatar which you can dress and style for all of your friends to see. Altogether it's a pretty interesting tie-together concept, one that I hope more game companies attempt.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get my hands on the games so I can't give an accurate review on play style and controls, but I'll give a quick rundown on each of the four titles.

My Perfect Prom (DS)

It's your job to set up your senior prom starting with the decorations and ending with the event itself. Pick out your wardrobe, set up choreographed dances with your friends and play mini-games to make the prom a perfect event.

My Fashion Mall (DS)

Help your uncle make his new "un-cool" mall into a hip and trendy hangout spot for you and your friends. Play through a series of mini-games based on hair styling, makeovers and wardrobe designs to make the mall the coolest place in town.

My Fashion Show (DS)

You've won a spot in a reality fashion show where you have to show your skill in fashion design to win it all. Play mini-games based on hair, makeup and wardrobes to win the competition and ensure your spot as the greatest fashion designer in the world.

Pajama Party (Wii)

You're invited to the pajama party of the year! Join up to four of your friends in over 30 mini-games based on sleepover fun. Join your friends in pillow fights, dance offs and makeovers for hours of gameplay.

Again, remember that by completing tasks in the console games you unlock codes for virtual charms online. To me the games sound pretty terrible, but I realize I'm not a 12-year-old girl and thank God for that. As I said before, the tie-in concept is an pretty solid one and I hope that other game companies will look into it for "better" titles.

For a younger crowd, check out Littlest Pet Shop Online which follows the same tie-in idea.

Lastly, announced recently is New Super Mario Brothers Wii, so expect a review soon, I'm excited already.

Until next time, play on!

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