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Do you ever put on your outfit for the day and think, "This is as good as it gets" and sigh deeply? Maybe your outfit is fine, it just needs something to spice it up. Next time you put on clothes that just feel ho-hum, pair it with one of these accessories to make it pop.

Bright scarves. Bright colors and patterned scarves can add a much-needed boost to color-anemic outfits.

Piled on necklaces. Have a variety of faux pearl necklaces? Pile them all on! The varying lengths and colors will make a big statement. Beware of layering too many dissimilar necklaces or you'll look like a bag lady.

Colored tights. The little black dress gets a punchy twist when it's paired with colored tights.

Ornate bracelets. Big and chunky or bright and bunched, one big bracelet or a group of fun little ones can become an easy centerpiece to an outfit.

Lace up boots. Such a cool, fun cold weather look to rock with jeans or a dress.

Bright flats. You need something comfortable on your feet, but don't buy basic black flats. Try bright and metallic colors, or flats with jewels and sparkles.

Studded belts. Be a little bit rock and roll. Pair an oversized sweater and jeans with a fitted studded belt and rock out.

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