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Luigi's Mansion (Gamecube) Rated E for everyone

Luigi's Mansion is a game that came out for the Nintendo Gamecube quite a few years ago, but you can get your hands on it really cheap at a used game store and it's backwards compatible on the Wii.

In Luigi's Mansion, you play as Luigi who has inherited a mansion but it's haunted by ghosts. Mario went ahead of you to scout out the mansion and disappeared somewhere within. It's your job to clear out the mansion using your flashlight to stun the ghosts and then suck them up using a backpack vacuum, ultimately to find your missing brother.

This is by far one of my favorite Gamecube games as the controls are easy to use and the game has lots of classic Mario and Luigi humor found in most of their games. It's definitely worth finding and picking up as you'll be addicted to it for hours and its easy enough for even your smaller children to do well in (I think my son beat the game when he was 5).

Ghostbusters The Video Game (Wii) Rated E10+

The classic cast from the Ghostbusters movies have come together and made a true sequel to the movies lending their voices to make this feel like a third Ghostbusters movie. You play as a new recruit on the Ghostbusters team helping recapture all of the ghosts that escaped from the ghost holding tank in Ghostbusters HQ. Use your Wii remote's motion control as your proton pack to help recapture classic ghosts from the movies like Slimer, The Staypuff Mashmallow Man and the librarian. All in all this is a pretty solid and the fun and addicting nature of the game will overshadow the fact that the game is relatively short.

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