Choosing a school for your child: Central Ohio school guide

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

As a parent, you want your child to receive a quality education and have a positive experience in school. The decision about where to send your child to school is one of the most important and influential choices you can make for your child. Your decision will affect his or her learning and success.

Your child will spend around 16,000 hours in class from kindergarten through graduation. Since you know your daughter or son better than anyone else, you are best able to evaluate the educational opportunities available and ensure that they serve the learning needs of your child, his or her particular learning style and your family's values.

Federal and state laws give parents choices about where they can send their children to school. Parents often choose where their child will be educated when they choose where their family will live.

In committing thousands of hours of your child's time, it's important that you fully understand the various types of schools and educational programs available in your community - especially if you are deciding where to move or if you are looking for educational alternatives.

This guide provides information on schools in the central Ohio area including Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Knox and Union counties and covers the following types of learning institutions:

  • Public or traditional schools
  • Community or charter schools
  • Nonpublic, private or religious schools
  • Joint vocational schools or career centers

For more information about choosing a school for your child, visit the Ohio Department of Education's website at, search keywords: Choosing a school. Through this page, parents will find additional information on other school options, as well as an overview of state and local report card data that shows how schools are performing.