Cute as a Button

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Columbus Monthly

Andrea Thompson, 39

Co-owner, Cute as a Button

5 N. Liberty St., Powell


Would you tell people about your shop?

The majority of our items are handmade, and we can personalize them and customize them, which makes it unique.

A lot of your items are handmade from scratch, but others are items you buy, and then embellish. Your embellished jean jackets for girls, for example, have become a hot seller. How'd you come up with the concept?

I was just looking at my little girl's jean jacket and thinking, "This looks like a boy's." So I sewed on a bunch of ribbons, and it became like our signature item.

How much are they?


Another popular item is the sleepover tote. What's it for?

It's a large bag with fun trim that holds your sleeping bag, pillow and all the other stuff you have to take to a sleepover. (They're $28.)

Your degree is actually in communications, with a specialization in marketing and advertising. Have you always been so crafty?

As a child, I was always creative. But five years ago, I just took a class at Jo-Ann Fabrics and learned how to sew. And kind of turned a hobby into a business that had to move out of my house because it got too big!

How often do you make new things?

Daily. Sometimes you'll find us behind the desk, working on our stuff.

Do you make everything in here?

I do not personally make everything. I have three other people who are friends of mine who make things for the store, and that is the beaded silverware, the clipboards and buckets and the purses and accessories.

Obviously, then, it's not just stuff for kids?

I think the name can confuse people. We have great hostess gifts, great purses. I don't want people to think it's just a kid's store, because it's really not.

What are some examples of customization?

We have coffee mugs and sports bottles and cosmetic bags that we can put your name on. Or, for example, your tutu (she holds up a little girl's ballerina tutu) - if you want this to be pink with pink flowers, you can do it. You can order a clipboard with your name, your teacher's name. You could customize a purse to exactly a style or size. You can order the beaded silverware to match your home.

You pride yourself in keeping prices very affordable, with several items for $5 to $10. How much are the tutus?

The ones with the flowers are $25. The others are $20. They're like $100 online! Let your kid run around in them!

Anything for boys?

We have dress-up capes for boys. They Velcro around the neck. They can put them on themselves. They're $15.

You've recently started hosting private parties. What do they entail?

Basically, you just invite your friends, and we are open extra hours. You earn a percentage of sales from that evening as a gift card to spend in the store. (At the most recent) they brought in refreshments... and we did door prizes. It was actually a lot of fun!

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.