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I have been on the hunt for the "perfect" winter coat for a few years. During that time I have experimented with capes, pea coats, and houndstooth patterns. None have lived up to the expectations of the "perfect" coat. I have a lengthy list of requirements for the perfect coat.

1. Waist length

2. Does not collect white dog hair

3. Warm for central Ohio winter

4. Not black

5. Does not show dirt, coffee and whatever else I may spill on myself on my commute.

I'm sure my list and yours overlap in some ways. If you're still searching for the perfect coat, head to Old Navy this week. All winter coats are 50 percent off! They may not have the perfect winter coat, but for 50 percent off, we can find one that will fulfill at least three out of five of the requirements.

And three outta five ain't bad.