The Whiskey Issue: Private pour

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Not finding exactly what you want on the shelves at your local liquor store? Or maybe the whisky is fine, but the labels feature the same old names. Boring.

So why not bottle your own?

One of the services offered by Wild Scotsman is private-label Scotch bottling. Jeff Topping will work with you to find out what age, region or flavor profile you prefer, then track down a cask to match your tastes. You design your own label, and Topping will have it hand-bottled at the House of MacDuff in Scotland and shipped here.

The cost: $45 to $135 per bottle for 106 bottles, depending on age and distillery, plus another $4.50 to $6.50 per bottle for duties and shipping. (Click to for details.)

With Topping's help, Wing's Restaurant in Bexley added its own Veynis label of single malts to what was already the best whisky list in Columbus.

"You'll see we have a lot of Scotches and then, 'Oh, hey, they have their own Scotch,' " said Wing's manager Kenny Yee. "It's good being able to offer something different that no one else would have."