Cool clix

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

College Prowler is a website that provides you with all of the same information as the other how-to-go-to-college books, such as difficulty of admission, class sizes and male to female ratios.

But College Prowler goes one step beyond that, because it uses students from each college to write reviews on life overall at those institutions. College Prowler talks about weekend activities on and off campus, and gives restaurant and other attractions' reviews.

College Prowler doesn't sugarcoat; if you are interested in finding out whether or not a university is a party school, it will tell you the truth. Along with its "Inside Scoop," every school has a "Report Card," where athletics, academics, campus dining, nightlife, weather, and everything else you could wonder about are rated. College Prowler also tackles serious issues such as drinking and drugs, and other issues for incoming freshman. Its comparison guide lets you compare different schools you're interested in.

For all the questions you have during the college process about where to apply to and why, College Prowler gets an A+ for honest and direct answers and guidance!