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Columbus Parent

It's the holiday season and there are big meals to prepare. That means the centerpiece of your holiday meal will be a giant dead animal. While this is a lovely way to celebrate for many people in your family, if you have a vegetarian or a vegan at the table, someone is going to go hungry. So what can you do to prepare a delicious meal that everyone can enjoy and still have all your traditional holiday favorites and not add to your kitchen work?

  1. Buy a Tofurky roast -- Once an obscure item, Tofurkys are readily available at your local Whole Foods and some other grocery stores. Since 1995, the Tofurkey vegetarian roast has been satisfying vegans and vegetarians around the country. It's easy to prepare (just throw it in the oven and bake it) and will ensure your non-meat-eating guests don't leave your table hungry.
  2. Buy Tofurkey gravy -- Would you eat your turkey without gravy? Well, neither would we. Most people don't understand that with vegans and vegetarians food cooked in animal fats or made from animal fats are still eating meat. Pick up a container of this rich, mushroom-filled gravy, heat on the stovetop and you're done.
  3. Don't use chicken, beef or turkey stock, use vegetable stock instead. Again, many meat eaters have the perception that if there is no actual meat in the green beans they are vegetarian, but if they were prepared with a meat stock, your veggie family and friends will have to pass on them too. Simply cook with veggie stock instead and you'll be able to serve up holiday favorites to everyone at the table. Also, with vegetable stock you don't skip on any taste, just the meat!

Happy turkey-less Turkey Day!