Holiday Gift Guide: College Students

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Parents, if you're looking for a stocking stuffer for your college student, you can't go wrong with a simple flash drive for a laptop or desktop computer. To help keep track of endless papers and documents, these handy USB devices can attach to a key ring and fit in a purse or pocket. Flash drives come in various shapes and sizes, and are priced for as little as $10.

Nobody likes trying to clear their car of snow and ice in freezing temperatures. But Eddie Bauer has made the chore slightly more bearable with their Down Ice Scraper Mitt ($14.50 at

This is not your ordinary scraper - the handle's tucked inside a layer of goose down to keep hands warm. The scraper comes in six different colors, including black, red and plaid, and it's small enough to fit easily in the back seat or trunk of the car.

Whether the college kid in question is living on their own or just tired of dining hall food, a cookbook is a great resource for coming up with fun and simple meal options. The Healthy College Cookbook ($15 in bookstores) is an easy-to-follow guide that starts off with a list of handy staples and supplies to have in the kitchen. Recipes (with detailed nutrition info) and meal ideas are divided into chapters like breakfasts, simple chicken dinners, vegetarian meals and desserts.

Does anybody really enjoy waking up every morning to a loudly beeping alarm clock? The iHome Clock Radio and Audio System lets users rouse themselves with their favorite music. The alarm clock and speaker combo not only plays your iPod, it also charges it on a dock that supports Apple's different iPod models. It's also got an AM/FM radio, a remote and a bright display screen that lights up the night with the time.

The iHome comes in multiple sizes and colors, and prices run from $50 to $300, depending on the model. iHome also makes portable audio speakers and travel alarm clocks. All iHome systems can be found online at

Heather Weekley is a junior at Otterbein College majoring in Broadcasting.

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