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Black Friday shopping has become more like marching into a battlefield. To succeed you will need a strong battle plan and the tools to get the job done right. Follow these steps and you will conquer Black Friday.

Don't over dress -- Even though it is supposed to be cold on Friday, do not wear a coat. Most of your time will be spent in the stores, which will be hot. To stay warm on the trip between the car and the store, throw on some gloves and a scarf. They are easy to remove once you get indoors and can be stored in your bags without weighing you down.

Make a store plan Don't try and hit all of the stores. Make a plan to go to a few key stores, then fill in the rest of your day with old favorites. If you go in without a strategy, you'll end up overbuying.

Bring your own bags It's not just eco-friendly, it's also easy on your shoulders. All your purchases will come in many plastic bags that can become difficult to carry throughout the day. If you bring a few cloth bags you'll have fewer bags to carry and they will weigh less. Also, the wider straps on the cloth bags will make them easier on your shoulders.

Make a list The most successful shopping days start with a list. Make a list of people you will need to shop for. Don't try to tackle your whole list in one day (unless you are really good), because you're sure to get overwhelmed.

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