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Click here to see these scrumptious turkey savers

• Spicy Rice and Turkey with Chorizo

• Turkey and Corn Enchiladas

• Turkey Dill and Orzo Soup

• Turkey Samosas

• Turkey and Bleu Cheese Salad

• Turkey Reubens

• Turkey Hash with Fried Eggs

• Turkey and Barley Salad

• Turkey Waldorf Salad

• Turkey and Poblano Chili

And after all that turkey, you're gonna need something sweet. Click here for these delish and easy delectables.

• Maple Pumpkin Pie

• Pumpkin Cream Sandwiches

• Chocolate Pots

• Gingery Apple Crumb Pie

• Indian Pudding

• Pumpkin Cheesecake

• Chocolate Truffles

• Tiramisu

• Citrus Pound Cake with Cranberry Syrup

• Strawberry Long-Cake Roll

• Apple Crisp

• Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

• Apple-Pear Galette

• Chocolate Ricotta Mousse

• Apple Pan Charlotte

• Sweet Potato Pie

• Pumpkin Bread

• Chocolate Fudge Pie

• Eggnog Custard

• Roasted Apple and Walnut Tarts

• Bourbon and Orange Pecan Pie

• Pumpkin Rice Pudding

• Caramelized Pumpkin and Pear Crumble

• Broiled Apples

• Chocolate Bread Pudding

• Espresso-Drizzled Ice Cream

• Chocolate Ganache Sandwiches

• Vanilla Cheesecake

• Upside-Down Apple Polenta Cake

• Caramel Apples

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