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Columbus Parent

Whether it's family, work, or friends, you're going to have holiday functions to attend this season. To avoid wearing the out-of-place outfit, follow these quick holiday attire tips.

1. Do not wear too much glitz. Beading, metallic and shimmer are all fine for the holidays. But too much shine will have the guests confusing you with the tree. Pair sparkly tops with a one-color jacket to tone down the shine, or rely on a sparkly necklace to bring the bling.

2. Do not show too much skin. Holiday party does not equal break out the plunging necklines. Besides, it's winter in Ohio, let's dress like it. Pair short skirts with opaque hose and boots to tone down the leg lamp effect, and put a camisole on under low neckline tops.

3. Do not wear all black. While you don't want to be too glitzy, you also don't want to be Morticia Adams. Take your basic black dress and add a colorful scarf or colored hose.

4. Do not go over- or under-dressed. Vague dress codes are a girls' worst enemy. What exactly does "dressy casual" mean? Split the difference between jeans and formal wear with a dress and top, or a black dress with low-heeled boots.

5. Do not wear a holiday-themed sweater. Have you ever heard of an ugly sweater party? Holiday sweaters are a big fashion no-no. They light up, they play music, they have little items that dangle from them, and they all make you look bulky. And, dare we say, totally unfashionable.