Alive & Unedited: Kim Joyce

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Ohio State basketball fans knew her as Kim Wilburn, a quick and feisty guard who was named the 2006 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year. Now Kim Joyce is a rising neo-soul star pushing "Head Games," a great new single from Eleven, out March 27.


Early on in the recruiting process, I was talking to a lot of different colleges. I chose Ohio State for two reasons. I went to open gym, and the girls had a lot of heart and a lot of skills. I knew it would be a team that was capable of winning. Second, it was close to home. Plus, I thought the opportunity was going to be huge there.

There's nothing like playing college basketball. They push you to a limit that not a lot of people know. It sounds cliche, but it was a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

I could've kept playing. I chose not to. I went through a couple surgeries. I had a little arthritis, but I still play now. That didn't stop me then. For some reason, I had this inspiration to do music.

I grew up singing in church. It's a very small church. My dad, he's the pastor. My mom plays the piano. Literally, me and my sister are the choir.

In 12th grade, I started recording. My brother-in-law had some equipment. I'd dabble here and there on the keyboard. It went from wanting to record my first song to saying, "Hey, I want to hear my song on the radio."

I keep doing something until I can do it myself. That's the good and the bad part about me. I want to do everything.

Outside of church, the best advice I've ever received was on a poster. It was to dream as if you'll live forever, but live as if you'll die tomorrow. Basically, it's just about maximizing my day - having as much fun, doing as much as possible - but not being scared to do whatever I want to do in this world.

On a typical day, I go to work. I work out with a personal trainer, then go back to work for about two hours. I usually get off about 6:30 p.m., then head to the studio. I get home about 12 a.m. It's a great day.

Three things I can't live without are God, my family and music. A close fourth would be my phone.

Something people might not know about me is that I hum when I eat. I have seven tattoos, but I'm going to stop at 11. My mom said she wants me to stop. I told her, "I'll stop when you start."

Age: 25

Day job: Call-center employee, Alliance Data

Neighborhood: North Side

Hometown: Detroit

Alma mater: Ohio State


Last Words

Last great meal you ate: My mom's smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes, string beans and dessert

Last song you downloaded: Robin Thicke's "Sex Therapy"

Last place you traveled: Back home to Detroit

Last song you sang in the car: "The Monkey," one of my songs

Last thing you watched: SpongeBob SquarePants

Last thing you bought: Some bacon

Last concert you saw: Jay-Z at the Schott

Last time you sang in public: I sang "Happy Birthday" to my DJ friend at Club Fire last week

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