Gadget Spot: The Bomb

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If you're looking for a portable speaker system for your iPod, iPhone or other personal media player, iFrogz is a name you'll want to know. If, however, you happen to pack that portable speaker system in your carry-on while flying to another city, under no circumstances should you refer to it by its product name - The Bomb.

If you do, those are the last two words you'll utter as airport security whisks you away.

But frankly, this Bomb (available at for $40) is nothing to run from. The personal speaker system, small enough to rest in your hand, offers a way to listen to music and videos without using headphones or earbuds.

When you split the orb-shaped device in two, you get a pair of speakers that deliver a total four watts of sound - enough to fill a normal-size living room. These speakers throw their sound up at a 38-degree angle, which iFrogz says "meets people's best sense of hearing and creates a stereo-surround effect."

The product can be powered by either its USB cable or three AAA batteries. If you go the USB route, The Bomb has a second USB port that can, in turn, power your MP3 player or other device.

The Bomb comes in six colors - red, light gray, black, bright green, pink and light blue. Where the two speakers separate, each device has an accent color of white, gray or yellow. A 3.5mm plug connects to the earphone jack of your portable media player, allowing you to hear your music or soundtrack out of the two speakers.

Now, iFrogz is a trendy company offering a line of affordable and fashionable headphones, earbuds, and protective cases for iPods and iPhones. They're all designed to allow users to express themselves.

So why did the folks at iFrogz decide to call their personal speakers The Bomb? They could have easily called their gadget The Ball, The Orb, The Sphere, The Bowling Ball or Speakers-in-the-Round - all names not designed to freak out a world dealing with terrorists bound and determined to play havoc with the world's air travel.

But by any name, this gadget still sounds great for its small size and small price.

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