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After trying this sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, my hair has a new identity. The tangles melted away, the moisture said "hello," and my scalp did a hallelujah dance. The products are made with ultra whipped egg proteins, coconut oil, and coconut milk. These ingredients together help strengthen, repair and moisturize your stressed tresses for a brand new look. Did I mention the smell? The amazing coconut smell has men weak at the knees, co-workers envious, and sometimes I can't help but smell my own hair.

This line of coco-nutty products received many awards for its many miracles worked on busy women, just like you and me. Trust me, after you try this system, you'll be yearning for your next shower to try it all over again. The best part about it is these products are available at most of the local drug and grocery stores for about $6 a bottle. You can't beat that!

To learn more about Organix hair care, visit site has descriptions and pictures of all their luxurious hair products. Once you're done browsing the site, you'll be rushing the kids in the car for a quick trip to the grocery store.