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Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Big announcement, ladies. Momstyle your fave e-magazine it getting a makeover.

That's right, launched February 1! It's a social network hangout just for moms. Well, and a couple of really brave dads who have great stuff to share.

We recently started recruiting discussion leaders, hoping for 15 to 20 chatty gals who could get the ball rolling. As I'm writing this, wear are nearing 100 DLs! What's that tell us? That this is a much-needed service in central Ohio.

Discussion leaders were asked why they want to be a part of and comments ranged from "I need a place to escape!" to "I want to connect with other moms and make new friends." It's also going to be a place to network your business, offer support, start groups based on your interests, and win all kinds of freebies and goodies. It's all about you.

And because it's backed by Columbus Parent Magazine, 10TV and The Columbus Dispatch, you know you'll get all the latest parenting resources, news and events around town. We're all thrilled to be a part of this big initiative.

To join, go to and create a profile. Log on and join this amazing community of central Ohio moms. Start a discussion, weigh in on controversial topics, or just hang out. It's YOUR place to learn, laugh and grow as a mom and a woman.