Earth mama

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Going green is a process that seems so daunting and overwhelming that most families just don't know where to start. The average American family is so over involved that adding one more thing to the mix may be the biodegradable straw that breaks Mom's back. The Web site takes that into consideration and makes going green fun and easy. is a place where many people could discover and commit to small, positive actions over time. People on the site propose great ideas for saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the community chooses the best ideas to pursue as a team. Each week, an easy and manageable challenge is laid out. Challenges range from eliminating bottled water or not using paper towels for the week.

The Web site will track the collective impacts, and show the power of many people getting the job done together. Bit by bit, the community will learn the connections between climate and lifestyle, and rack-up literally tons of carbon benefits along the way. The Internet makes the process surprisingly fun and social. Compete with other families and companies and see how your family's carbon footprint has been reduced, all in one easy self-calculating Web site.