Gadget Spot: Valentine's goodies

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Who doesn't like chocolate on Valentine's Day?

This being a gadget column, of course, we're talking about the LG Chocolate Touch ($350 retail, or free with a qualifying Verizon Wireless contract). This third-generation phone includes a 3.2-megapixel digital camera/camcorder, a built-in music player with Dolby Mobile and 1GB of memory to store about 250 songs.

The phone also accepts a microSD memory card for up to 16 GB of additional storage. And a "Join The Band" feature lets users play along with their music via an onscreen keyboard or drum set.

The Chocolate Touch gets part of its name from the sexy three-inch touch-sensitive display with vibrating response. This sweet treat comes in black or purple. A social network key provides immediate access to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The cell phone is Bluetooth-compatible, can browse the web and also offers an FM radio tuner and visual voicemail.

If you're looking for something more wearable, you might enjoy the geeky jewelry at Fractalspin. Click on their Valentine's Day Gift link at for all manner of unique gifts, from a Floppy Disk Necklace ($12) to a Level Necklace complete with a real level ($63). You'll also find Green Resistor Drop Earrings ($25), Transistor Earrings ($25) and a three-amp Diode Bracelet ($40).

If seduction is more what you have in mind for Valentine's Day, Sex & Chocolate ($6 at might be up your alley. With this sensual body dessert dip, you're in for a night of sexual flavors and favors.

For a different kind of se-duck-tion, I Rub My Duckie ($25 at offers its user a strong, soothing yet quiet vibration (if you get my drift). These rubber duckies come in pink, black or purple. They're 5.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, and are powered by two AA batteries.

As you might expect, they're water resistant and float in a tub, spa or pool. The cute little critters come complete with feathered boa and a genuine Swarovski crystal beak jewel.

Chocolate, jewelry and vibrating rubber duckies - who could ask for more this Valentine's Day?

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