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Without question, the number one resolution every year is to lose weight. Why do so many people fall off the wagon? I believe the answer is simple. They focus on the outside without first examining the inside. What do I mean? Well, in order to transform your body, you often must first transform your mind.

Many women possess negative or false thoughts and belief systems when it comes to their bodies and exercise. Their thoughts may be littered with negative self talk, past frustration, poor self image, unrealistic expectations, doubt, fear and the belief that this new venture too will end in failure. Does any of this sound familiar?

To be your physical best, you must first become your mental and emotional best. You need to acknowledge and understand that your beliefs determine your thoughts, and your thoughts lead to specific actions. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I use positive self talk to build myself up as opposed to letting negative thoughts sabotage my results?

2. Do I really believe I can achieve my fitness goals?

3. Have I set realistic, attainable and measurable goals?

4. Am I willing to make the sacrifices and changes necessary to meet those goals?

5. Am I mentally tough enough to overcome obstacles along the way and stay committed to the plan?

Abraham Lincoln once said, "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." Remember that you are what you think. Your beliefs determine your thoughts, your thoughts determine your actions and your actions determine your results. So many people handicap themselves by thinking, "I will never lose weight or never fit into those jeans again." If you think it, you will attract just that.

Focus on attracting health and vitality as opposed to losing weight. Tell yourself each day, "I am fit and healthy." Remind yourself that you are working to change your current situation for the better. If you find yourself frequently thinking negative thoughts, do yourself a big favor. STOP! Begin focusing on health, prosperity and happiness. Let your positive energy flow now and see how much easier life will become for you. Resolve to be resilient on the dark, rainy days in life and fight back.

The road to lifelong health involves sacrifice, determination and even some failures along the way but it is all so worth it in the end. What does it take to get there? It takes an incredible will to succeed at times. Life tries to get in the way, right? We all face the same issues: job stress, kids, money worries, relationship conflicts, insecurity, fear, etc. The list could go on and on BUT, we must focus on what we can control. That is our thoughts, our beliefs and our choices or actions.

Now is the time to change your thinking. You must understand that failure is defined in the end by giving up. Ask yourself if you are aiming high or aiming low in life. Or are you aiming at all? See what renowned motivational speaker Les Brown has to say about why people fail in the video below:

Click here to watch the video clip

In the end, the weight loss formula is a simple. Write down your goal(s), acknowledge any obstacles, develop a written plan, set a timetable for achieving the goal and then find the needed support and help to make it happen. Are you ready? Then do it. If you want a different outcome, you must change your mindset and take a different action. Put away the excuses and seize the moment today because in the end, you and only you are responsible for your outcomes. Here's to an amazing 2010!

Brian Schiff, owner of Fitness Edge, is a nationally known sports and fitness training expert, specializing in injury prevention and return to play for professional and amateur athletes of all ages. Fitness Edge now offers Adventure Boot Camp for Women in Dublin, Westerville, Upper Arlington and Grove City.