Neighborhood fashionista

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Columbus Parent

Lots of new fashion crazes were started in 2009. What should stay and what should go for 2010? Read on!

Don't go pantless in public, unless you are Lady Gaga. If you're Lady Gaga you can do whatever you want and it will be fabulous.

Do ditch your black coats for a winter coat with some color.

Do dig out your flannel plaid shirts. Fitted plaid is back! Break out your 1992 grunge rock flannel!

Don't wear over-the-top headgear. From Aretha's inauguration hat (that giant bow thing) to Gaga's hair (that giant bow of actually HAIR) these should only be attempted by professionals. Do not try this at home.

Do wear a cardigan over your dresses. Not only is it classy and cute but it will keep you warm.