Gadget Spot: Top Care Dental Flossers

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Columbus Alive

While the rest of you roam up and down the aisles of Giant Eagle looking for the firmest plums or searching the back of the milk shelf to find the best expiration date, I'm on the lookout for gadgets.

Last year, it was Dryer Balls. I found them on the "As Seen On TV" product shelf and have had them tumbling in every one of my dryer loads since.

I hit more pay dirt a couple weeks ago while standing in the checkout line waiting to pay for my 12-pack of Mountain Dew Throwback. With brain on pause and eyes scanning the lurid National Enquirer headlines and assorted packs of gum, candy and batteries hanging at my side, I spied my newest find - Top Care Dental Flossers ($2.50 for a pack of 90 flossers; by the way, my Fuelperks are now up to $4.13).

Don't misunderstand. I hate the twice yearly visits to my dentist's office. I especially loathe the elephant-in-the-room question I get asked while lying back in the dentist's chair: "Have you been flossing?"

For God's sake, why would a hygienist ask me such a loaded question while picking plaque off my teeth? With my mouth wide open and some gizmo hanging off my cheek sucking out saliva and other liquids, I feebly answer "Naahgrahah."

Then comes the lecture about how failing to floss can lead to gum disease and possibly heart disease. (I think my most recent dental hygienist, who had a bit of a flair for the dramatic, even mentioned limb amputations.)

I understand why flossing is important, but I abhor the process. Or, rather, I hated it until I found these dental flossers. This product is sort of reminiscent of a hex saw for an elf (an image that somehow seems appropriate when talking about dental tools).

Basically, the contraption stretches a half-inch piece of "high-performance floss" in its grip. This way, I can hold the gadget and more easily poke and slide floss between my teeth. Other than those disgusting flecks of last night's dinner swirling down the drain, dental flossers actually make the whole process barely acceptable for me.

Dental Flossers are mint-flavored and come packed in a resealable, zip-top bag that doubles as a travel pouch.

And, most amazing, I now floss my teeth.

So the next time my hygienist asks "Have you been flossing?," I can honestly answer "Yaahgrahah."

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