Polly sigh

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Now, I'm not referring to rattling off the extensive list of names of their Webkinz collection. I'm talking about having the mental retention of principle facts about our country.

Sometimes, when we lack involvement in the political process, we fail to remember basic information that we too learned back in school. I'm sure very few of us want to be outsmarted by a fifth grader. Sure, kids learn something new every day, but that doesn't mean you can't do the same.

When we lose our elementary knowledge of a subject, we tend to shy away from it. Not having a fundamental understanding of our political process, or the history that has brought us to our present position as a country, can make navigating through politics quite confusing.

So tell me, can you list the three branches of government? Or how many stripes are on the American flag and why? What about the term length of a United States senator? Even something as basic as how many states are in the United States? I'm hopeful many of you can answer these questions with ease or perhaps only pause momentarily before retrieving the answers from your memory banks. If these questions pose difficult in answering, I encourage you to brush up on America 101. You may immediately think of this as boring or mundane. I'm here to tell you that it is anything but boring. Want a fun way to remember facts or learn something new?

A helpful and fun resource to sharpen your mind can be found at www.fox.com/areyousmarter. This interactive website will test your knowledge of many subjects including basic social studies. You'll not only get the opportunity to dust off those memory cells from long ago, you can also get the kids involved and have a fun evening of proving you really do know more than your children. Here, you can determine if you really are smarter than a fifth grader!