Best New Restaurant

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

248 S. Fourth St., Downtown



Local biz whiz Liz Lessner's newest venture catapulted from Longest Delayed Opening to Best New Restaurant for a bunload of reasons. I mean, how can you beat $3 hot dogs? You can't, especially when the dogs are chomped in a place as uniquely fun as Dirty Frank's. Knock 'em back with a selection from Frank's great mix of high and low-brow beers, or with an outrageously Jell-O-tinted and neon-glowing "slushie" cocktail. Either way, you'll be loving Frank's original paintings - done by Lessner's brother, Thom - which cheekily give mad props to baseball and rock 'n' roll.

Runners-up: Mellow Mushroom, Third & Hollywood