Best Place for a First Date

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

Multiple locations


Hyde Park clearly resonates with romance-minded readers because it delivers the goods on lots of fronts. Their fine, aged steaks always arrive sear-crusted and juicy inside because policy here dictates that prime pieces of beef should be cooked at 1,800 degrees - you certainly can't do that at home!

But why would you, especially when you consider that Hyde's hospitality-minded staff is there to pamper you in a suave and swanky setting that's sure to impress a first date?

Not in the mood for a steak? Well, Hyde can accommodate other urges too, with its $4 happy hour cocktails and $5 small plates (hint: Hyde's also currently running a terrific $20 full-meal early-bird special).

Runners-up: G. Michael's, Bon Vie