Best Vegetarian

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Northstar Cafe

4241 N. High St., Clintonville


951 N. High St., Short North



Before the first Northstar Cafe lit up the local restaurant scene, veggie burgers had a pretty dim reputation. In general, they were disappointing and unsatisfying replacements for the real thing. Those days are long gone, as anyone who's ever gleefully torn into a fulfilling and glorious Northstar Burger now knows - that thing is truly world-class. And Northstar (which serves meat, too) has other top-notch vegetarian options, like its health-bomb Buddha Bowl; its flavor, color and texture-fest High Street Veggie Flatbread; and rotating chalkboard specials like remarkable grilled artichokes and a zesty tomato soup.

Runners-up: Whole World Natural Restaurant, Dragonfly Neo-V