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ADD/ADHD Drug Free

By Frank Jacobelli and L.A. Watson. If you're the parent of a child with ADD or ADHD, you know just how much it affects his or her life - and yours. This book offers natural alternatives and practical activities to help kids improve learning and behavior effectively and without medication. $10.20 on

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By Tony Bradman and Tony Ross. Michael was different. His teachers said he was the worst boy in the school. He was always late and he was a little scruffy. Is there no hope for him at all? This is a tale of a child whose teachers dismiss him as different and hopeless, but who goes on to reach heights no one imagined were possible. Michael is a touching and whimsial story that celebrates differences of all kinds. $9.99 in bookstores.

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Overcoming ADHD: Helping your Child Become Calm, Engaged and Focused Without a Pill

By Stanley Greenspan, M.D. Greenspan's view of ADHD is that it's not a single problem, but a set of common symptoms that arise from several different sensory, motor and self-regulation problems. He demonstrates how children can confidently learn to engage with others, attend to what they see and hear, and maintain their focus on the problems at hand. $16.50 on

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AD/HD Success! Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem: The Diary Method for Ages 7-17

This practical workbook is full of non-technical questions, prompts, strategies and gentle assessments that include parent involvement. It features over 50 reproducible diary pages, parent and child questionnaires, self-esteem logs and scales, an AD/HD overview, and much more. Parents will find valuable information, guidance and insights that will enhance communication for the whole family. Available on for $19.95.

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