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American diners have a long tradition of naming favorite dishes in honor of Hollywood stars. "The Elvis" is one well-known example. Fictional TV diners have served cleverly named entrees like the Laverne and Curly Fries ("Friends") and the Ike and Tina Tuna ("Arrested Development").

Following this custom, the soon-to-open Sloopy's Diner at the new Ohio Union is dedicating part of its menu to some Buckeye celebrities. The sandwich list at the '50s-style diner will consist of options named after a rotating group of students, staff, faculty and alumni.

The first batch of honorees in the Sloopy's Diner Sandwich Club were announced last week. Thirteen winners were selected out of more than 200 applicants, chosen for their school spirit and dedication to OSU and the Ohio Union

"I feel honored to be part of a new tradition at a tradition-rich place like Ohio State," said Luc Nutter, winner of the fried bologna sandwich moniker.

And by the way, Nutter didn't set out to be the fried-bologna namesake. Applicants didn't get to say which sandwich they wanted named after them.

"For the fun of it all, we operated on the premise that 'You don't choose the sandwich. The sandwich chooses you,' " explained Matt Couch, associate director of the Ohio Union. "That sounded to us like the magical Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, which would sit atop the heads of new Hogwarts students and interpret their attributes in order to decide what house they would live in."

So the Union crew ran with that theme, inviting the Sorting Hat to the ceremony to help make the sandwich selections. The winners will get a short bio in the Sloopy's menu, plus one free meal each quarter for themselves and a guest.

Ohio Union staff got decked out in Hogwarts-style robes and hamburger hats to introduce the winners and accompanying dishes, ranging from club sandwiches to grilled cheese.

"I honestly had no expectations of what sandwiches were even possibilities," Nutter said. "In fact, I was joking with my friends saying that even if I got a liver-and-onions sandwich I'd still be ecstatic."

And he was.

"I know there are easily 200 people out there that make our university community a better place daily, so it's just too bad there weren't more sandwiches," Nutter said.

The new Ohio Union opens to the public on March 29 at the corner of N. High Street and 12th Avenue. Festivities begin at 11 a.m. with the ribbon-cutting at noon.

Rachel Sova is a senior Journalism major at Ohio State University

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