Film: "Spaceboy" & "House"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Describing the Wexner Center's two-fer pairing this weekend as a low-budget sci-fi romance coupled with a horror film cult classic would be a stunning mischaracterization.

Sure, Mike Olenick's 2009 "Spaceboy" (pictured) and Nobuhiko Obayashi's 1977 "House" fall loosely into those respective categories, but it's hard to overstate the giddy, genre-busting ridiculousness awaiting you.

Olenick - a local filmmaker, festival circuit favorite and editor in the Wex's art and tech department - delivers a faithful and cheeky remake of Renate Druks' 1973 original. His six-minute short makes great use of local talent and does excellent justice to the tale of a space traveler's rendezvous with an intergalactic seductress.

With papier-mache plants, diamonelle-encrusted bodysuits, come-hither crotch shots and awesome vocals by Jenny Lute of the Wet Darlings, "Spaceboy" is the perfect opener to Obayashi's delirious spin on the haunted-house genre.

Recently restored to a new 35mm print, "House" will no doubt inspire comparisons to Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead." This movie predates cultural touchstones like lolcats and "Ichi the Killer," but its eyebeam-shooting felines and cantankerous severed heads definitely bring those to mind - and that's only a tenth of what to expect.

When: 7 & 9 p.m. Friday-Saturday, April 2-3

Where: Wexner Center Film Video Theatre, Campus